Oct 9, 2009

What I've Learned...

Tomorrow I'm running my first half-marathon. I've run on and off throughout the years and competed in a couple long-course triathlons. I have a background in swimming and water polo, having both competed in and coached both sports. I enjoy rock climbing with my mom every once in a while, and love to cycle and hike when I have a good partner to keep me company.

However, over the past few months running has taken over as my primary form of exercise. And I have really come to enjoy the simplicity of the process. You can do it virtually anywhere. It requires little fancy equipment, aside from a good pair of shoes and some comfortable attire. If the weather's nice, you can run outside. And if the weather isn't, you can still usually run outside if you're willing to brave the elements (which sometimes I am not). You can run in the mountains, at the beach, in your neighborhood, in the park, in the city, in the country... Well, you get where I'm going with this. I'm not yet ready to claim running as my favorite form of exercise, because nothing competes with how happy at at home I feel in the water, but I am finally able to say I enjoy the process and I value the simplicity inherent in it.

Running has taught me to pay attention to my body and the world around me. Running on the beach at high noon with temperatures nearing 90 reminded me how powerful nature really is. And running in the local park, with leaves beginning to fall and people enjoying the simple pleasures of the day, reminded me how connected we are to our earth and to each other.

Whatever happens out there on the course tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it...


  1. GO get em champ!

    Remember that your first mile should be your fastest... as in sprint the first mile all out. Probably look for the guys with 1% body fat who are in the 6 foot+ hight range and are wearing really short shorts with no shirt and doing strides and jumping around to warm up before the event. You be able to find these guys at the very front where the start line is holding their wrists in the air with their hands on their stop watch. When the gun goes off just run at whatever pace these guys are going and you should be fine...

  2. I am proud of you for running for the simplicity of the exercise... void of competition and ego. Just going where the running takes you...in your mind, in your body and connecting to the world around you.
    I am glad today was all you wanted it to be and more.
    Lot's of love coming right at you!

  3. @ Chester - Ha, ha! I did see those runners, but was not in the mindset to pay them much mind. More power to them, though... Maybe one day that's what I'll look like. Then again, maybe not.

    @ Anita - Thanks!

  4. "...maybe one day that's what I'll look like."

    Golly Gee I sure hope not.

    I'm glad you had a good race and it was everything you wanted it to be. 13 miles is nothing to laugh at. You should be proud of your accomplishment... Whats next?

  5. @ Chester - Stay tuned to read about what's next...