Oct 26, 2009

Personal Challenge #2: Yoga and Quiet Contemplation (Week 1 of 4)

For the next four weeks, my personal challenge will focus on inward simplicity. I am committing to ten minutes of yoga and/or quiet contemplation every day for the next four weeks.

For some, this challenge might not even seem worthy of the title "challenge." However, in our modern day of technology and constant productivity, I think it is easy to forget the value of slowing down. (Speaking of slowing down, Leo over at Zen Habits just wrote another great post today about the Slow Food Movement. Check it out. It's great.) Anyway, I read an article not too long ago about the intention of breath that made me realize that even when I think I'm slowing down or resting, rarely do I take the time to just breathe and be.

I'll be updating my progress on this challenge every Monday for the next four weeks, including reflections on what I've learned and how it connects to voluntary simplicity and/or social justice. Please join me in this challenge and share your progress in the comments section. I'm also looking for tips from those who have a lot of experience with yoga, meditation, or any other form of quieting the body and mind. Share away.

I've been very inspired by the comments, feedback, and advice I received in response to my Paring Down the Stuff Challenge. I will continue to donate or give away 10 items a week until I am down to a place where I feel comfortable and at peace with my stuff. Stay tuned for future posts related to my progress...

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