Oct 28, 2009

Start Somewhere. Do Something.

Procrastination is a specialty to mine. One of the most pertinent lessons I've learned about voluntary simplicity and social justice is that when it comes to some things, there really is not time to wait. So start somewhere. Do something. Here are two things you can do now to start simplifying your life, while simultaneously contributing to a more socially just world.

1. Educate yourself about the food you use to fuel your body. Read The China Study.Read Fast Food Nation. Watch Food Inc. Do all of these texts have social and political agendas? Sure they do. For the most part, they are political and social agendas I happen to believe in. You can and should read them with a critical eye. I try not to take in any information I absorb at face value any more. Ask questions. Visit your local farmer's market. Talk to the farmers and ask them about their farming practices. Plant something. Find out about CSAs in your area. Buy organic AND locally grown when at all possible. The organic produce section in my local grocery store keeps getting larger and larger and the price differential between the organic and non-organic products keeps getting smaller.

2. Buy used, borrow, and share goods whenever possible. Really. Advertising is a powerful, powerful thing in U.S. society. Most of what we are told we need we would probably be better off without. Think critically about what and how you buy things. Boycott buying from companies that exploit workers. If that seems to daunting, pick one company that you frequently purchase goods from and research its business practices. Share what you learn with those you love and then adjust your purchasing, or lack there of, accordingly.

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