Nov 2, 2009

"Simple Living is Not the Path of Least Resistance"

I stumbled across this post yesterday. The author's observation that "simple living is not the path of least resistance" really struck a chord with me and got me thinking about how sometimes the most difficult choices we make end of being some of the best ones.

One personal example that comes to mind is my decision to quit my full-time teaching job two years ago. I loved my work and I loved the students I worked with, but I did not love the constant stress of having to juggle a full-time teaching job with multiple coaching positions and other campus obligations, a full-time school schedule, and my personal life. It wasn't working, my health was suffering, and something had to give.

It was not an easy decision to make, but three years later I would not have changed that decision for the world. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my coursework and complete my last degree in three years. It allowed me the space to breathe, to spend more time with family and friends, and to refocus on what is most important to me in this world.

Care to share about a time when you made a difficult decision in an effort to simplify your life? What motivated you to make the decision and what has been the result? If you could go back and do it differently, would you? Please comment below.


  1. Wow, thanks for linking to me!

    To answer your question, Mr. Savvy and I made the difficult decision to get rid of one of our two cars and just use one between the both of us. We made the decision because our second car died, and it was either get a car payment or do without. So we did!

    It's certainly simpler in that we don't have to worry about two insurance payments, two maintenance schedules, etc., but it's more of a hassle when we want to go our separate ways at the same time. Still, I wouldn't do it differently. We like being a one-car couple so much that we stuck with it and moved someplace more walking/bike friendly.

  2. @SimpleSavvy - Thanks for the comment. I definitely like the idea of being a one car family and I admire people who have made the plunge and are better and happier for it. That might be the topic of a future post. Stay tuned...