Jan 12, 2010

Personal Challenge #3: Take Care of Financial Business (Week 1 of 4)

I'm back. Really. I am. And my third personal challenge is going to be all about getting my finances fit. Each week I will focus on one or two pressing items. This week, my focus will be:
1. Getting a handle on my student loans, including consolidating some of them (so that I can pay well above the minimum payment, but do not have to if a tough month or two comes up);
2. Resuming a committed effort to tracking my expenses.

My intention is to blog a few times this week about what I've learned that I think might be of use to others. Other than that, I'm also almost halfway through my month-long commitment to participate in The Compact and buy nothing new. It's been easier than I expected. I even returned a few unwanted items today and EARNED myself $33. Whoo, hoo! And I didn't even have the urge to walk around the clothing store... in, to the counter, nice exchange with a nice salesperson, and out. It was that easy.

Update: I'm still doing well at my first personal challenge, which is to donate/get rid of ten items a week. The second challenge, 10+ minutes of yoga/meditation a day has been harder for me to stick with, but I am recommitting myself this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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