Nov 5, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day Five - My Health

I'm thankful for my health. I'm thankful for a body that lets me move freely, run long distances, and hug the ones I love. I'm thankful for a mind that can remember important moments in my life, solve problems, and think critically about the world in which I live.

Today I helped a friend move into a new apartment. It was my body that allowed me to pack up and pick up boxes, run down stairwells, drive a car full of stuff, unload boxes, move heavy furniture... you get the picture. And it was my mind that reminded me that helping a friend move was a meaningful way to start off my weekend - a little act of kindness to someone who has been a great friend since the day we met.

Being thankful for the health of the body and mind I've been given makes it so much easier to accept me for me. It also makes it easier to make healthy choices in my daily life - whole foods over junk, exercise over watching tv, rest and sleep over excessive work. Sometimes, all we need to be thankful is a little shift in perspective.


  1. The very same body is also prone to ailment, disease, old-age, death: also good contemplations.

    Some days it feels good, some days it does not. Some days it gets sick. Eventually it will whither and decompose.

    But it is what we have to work isn't it?

  2. Your point is well taken, Chester. However, today- in this moment - I'm feeling healthy. So I'm going to celebrate that. :)