Aug 24, 2010


... I guess if my brother can reenter the blogging world after a notable absence, so can I. Life has been busy around here, but no matter what I'm doing, thoughts of simplicity are never far from my mind.

I'm thinking right now about the ways in which our conscious thoughts become ingrained habits, and what that means for my simplicity journey. For example, my recycling system is now a habit - something we just do without thinking much about it. So are my monthly (or more) trips to Goodwill to drop off donations. These things may seem simple, and they are, but they are also things that not-so-long-ago I had to concentrate on, think about, and even write about.

So I guess this is progress, because when I no longer have to think about these small tasks, I've then cleared some space in my mind to focus on other things - like my new business, and the book projects I'm working on, and my health, and my family.

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